Financial Planning Consultants

Creating A Great Place To Be A Client

You have probably visited our website because you are either in need of assistance, or would like to know a bit more about us. The two principals, Huw Jones & Ron Jones have been involved in financial services for over 40 years. They joined together in 2002 to create a financial planning company that would reflect their belief that being trustworthy and honest is only the start of what you should expect from your financial adviser.

We see our role as helping you understand all the 'financial stuff' that is thrown at you every day, and convert this into meaningful plans that help you achieve your goals and ambitions.  For example:

  • How would you managed without your income?
  • At what age can i retire, how long will my money last and what will my lifestyle look like?
  • How can you take advantage of the new pension legislation without paying large amounts of income tax?

These are only some of questions our financial planning service will help you address,  

If you want lip service or somebody to always agree with you then Jones Associates Ltd. are probably not for you. However, if you want an adviser who will put your interests before their own, will tell you if something is right or wrong for you, and work tirelessly on your behalf, then you have come to the right place.

Please look around the website, if you cannot find your particular area of interest or wish to see one of our advisers, please complete the appointment request. The first meeting is always at our expense.

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