Financial Planning Consultants

About Jones Associates Ltd.

As a privately owned Financial Planning Practice, we are able to offer individual solutions to our clients without the interference of a ‘head office’ whose needs may not always be client driven. Being directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), who replaced the Financial Services Authority (FSA) on 1st April 2013,  allows us to always put the needs of our clients before our own, thereby creating the basis of a stable, long term, and mutually beneficial relationship.

Owning the business allows us to personally benefit from our client focused ethos. We offer a very personal service, and believe that you really have to want to help people to be a top financial planner. That means going the extra mile, even if you cannot personally offer the solution. We have used our many years of experience to select the best parts of the industry and bring them into one package for the benefits of our clients, including external partners when required.

The belief that high-quality, professional financial advice and planning can still be achieved by giving clients the option of paying by fee, commission or combination, is extremely important to us. We will also work on a transactional basis if that is what our clients prefer.  

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