Ymgynghorwyr Cynllunio Ariannol

Protecting your Family

You will insure your car because the law says that you have to. You will probably insure your home and its contents because you would not be able to replace them if anything happened.

Well, what would happen to your family if you were unable to provide for them, either through death, illness or disability?

Protecting those whose lives would be affected by your death or illness is always the first thing that you should do. So whether you are looking to protect your mortgage or provide money for your family, we can help. For more details please complete the contact us form.

Protecting Your Business

Business protection takes many forms. It could be that you have taken out loans and want to be sure you can repay them if you died or were off work due to long term illness. You may have key people in your business whose loss would cause you financial hardship if they were not able to work for the same reasons. It could be that you wanted to make sure that if you could never work again, you would receive a fair pay off from your share of the business.

It is also possible for your employer to pay for life assurance on your behalf and claim tax relief on the premiums.  

We can assist with all of these areas, and more importantly we will structure it so that you and your family will receive the benefit and not the taxman. For more details please contact us.

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