Financial Planning Consultants

Finding the right investment for you

This very much depends on your personal circumstances. We have investment options ranging from those who wish to preserve their wealth, to those looking to create more. Needless to say, we will always look to make your investments as tax efficient as possible.

Considering where to put your hard earned savings has never been an easy decision. Irrespective of how high or low interest rates are, the thing you should always keep in mind is inflation. This is the single most destructive element when you are saving for the future. So unless the return on your savings is higher than inflation, then in reality you’re losing money. There have been very few periods in recent times where holding cash has provided a higher return than inflation.

You should always have a cash reserve for those little, and sometimes not so little emergencies that life throws at us, and this is in addition to your day to day lifestyle requirements. But after that has been taken care of, what do you do with the rest.

The decision whether to invest in bonds, property, shares, commodities both hard like gold, silver, copper etc. or soft like grain, soya bean, coffee etc. will come down to the individual, and their ability to tolerate fluctuations in their values. One golden rule is never to put all your money into one type of investment.

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Wealth Preservation

If you already have enough for your lifetime, then why take the risk of making more. You will probably end up giving most of it to the taxman anyway. Most definitely for these clients we will be looking to create a return in excess of inflation, but not significantly so.

Wealth Creation

This by definition is the area that carries the greatest investment risk. We can create portfolio’s that will invest in precious metals, emerging markets shares, and lots more.

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