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If you want to get rich quick, then you will probably have to win the lottery. However, this is not a plan, just a successful dream for the few.

Investment decisions should be based on analysis and common sense rather than emotion.  Analysis, based on facts and tangible observation, usually result in better investment decisions than instinct. But common sense also has a role to play. Investments, which look too good to be true, usually are. If somebody contacts you offering some wonderful investments that will make you a lot of money, be aware - be very aware.

By utilising wealth management with financial planning you will be better placed to know exactly what investment return you require in order to achieve the life that you want.  Whilst the solution will very much depend on your personal circumstances, we have investment options ranging from those who wish to preserve their wealth, to those looking to create more. Needless to say, we will always look to make your investments as tax efficient as possible.

Considering where to put your hard earned savings or inheritance has never been an easy decision. Irrespective of how high or low interest rates are, the thing you should always keep in mind is inflation. This is the single most destructive element when you are saving for the future. So unless the return on your savings is higher than inflation, then in reality you’re losing money. There have been very few periods in recent times where holding cash has provided a higher return than inflation.

You should always have a cash reserve for those little, and sometimes not so little emergencies that life throws at us, and this is in addition to your day to day lifestyle requirements. But after that has been taken care of, what do you do with the rest.

The decision whether to invest in bonds, property, shares, commodities both hard like gold, silver, copper etc. or soft like grain, soya bean, coffee etc. will come down to the individual, and their ability to tolerate fluctuations in their values. One golden rule is never to put all your money into one type of investment.

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Wealth Preservation

If you already have enough for your lifetime, then why take the risk of making more. You will probably end up giving most of it to the taxman anyway. Most definitely for these clients we will be looking to create a return in excess of inflation, but not significantly so.

Wealth Creation

This by definition is the area that carries the greatest investment risk as you will be looking to create wealth that will have to last for the rest of your life and this can rarely be achieved by using cash deposits as inflation and tax will wipe out most of the interest. The amount of risk that you will need to take will depend on a number of factors, but the golden rule is don't take more than you have to. 

Investing for Income

Do you need the income to be regular to help with day to day expenses, or ad-hoc to help with maintaining your lifestyle. The difference is important as it can affect how much tax your pay.

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Finding The Level Of Risk That’s Right For You

The greater the return you are looking for from your savings, then of course the greater the investment risk you will be taking.

I’m sure you will have seen the phrase ‘ the value of your investments can go down as well as up’. Well this is true of all investments, from the interest rate you receive on your cash to the value of your property or share portfolio. The things that we look for when advising our clients is how long do they wish to invest for, what returns do they need to meet their financial goals, and what is their overall financial situation.

After all, an investment that loses £10,000 in the short term may not be of significant relevance to somebody who has a lot of money, but if you only have limited resources then of course this will be of very great concern. Most definitely the longer you leave your money invested they the greater the potential return, as well as the ability to recover from short-term fluctuations in their value.

Specialist Investment Opportunities

Investments of this nature are only suitable to certified high net worth or sophisticated investors. As such the rules regarding their promotion are very strict we will only provide you with details after you have completed one of the attachments and send it to us.

This specialist service is only for those who want to have something that is not  available to the general public. We will never provide details on our website or over the telephone. If you require more details then please complete the high net worth form or sophisticated investor form.

The Financial Conduct Authority strictly controls the promotion of this type of investment.

Some do's and dont's

Don't take unnecessary risks with your capital if all your need to do is keep pace with inflation.

Never put all your money into one investment, be it property, cash, stocks and shares, gilts, commodities etc. A well spread investment portfolio can give you all that you require, from living your life today to making sure that your tomorrow is financial secure.

Don't be greedy, seek to get rich slowly, as a lower return on a regular basis will usually give you a better return on your capital over the long term than boom and bust. Look to minimise any losses when investment markets are falling, thereafter you do not have to regain so much when they recover.

Focus on long term wealth creation and capital preservation. The value of your portfolio in six months time is less important if are planning on holding it 5,10 or 20 years. 

Take risk when risk is well rewarded. A good investment is one where the reward for taking risk is higher than the probability of losing money.



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